This is my second post by the way.

You can collect so much Imaginex toys, like play sets, figures, weapons, Batman gear, Superman and Robin and robots, and amusement parks, giant figures and dinosaurs and animals from the jungle and Arkham Asylum, Batman’s headquarters and Joker’s headquarters, space aliens, shuttles, and vehicles and  Bikini Bottom. They have a Krusty Krab that’s disguised as a castle and a regular Krusty Krab. They also have trolls and dragons.


Christmas presents

I got a ton of Lego sets for Christmas. I got a ghost ship, a ghost lab, a ghost truck, The Hall of Armor, two carnival sets and a speed boat. I also got two Harry Potter graveyard sets and I got a dinosaur 3 – in – 1. I built the triceratops. My favorite set is The Hall of Armor.


The place I want  to learn more about is Legoland in Florida. I  know that there are big Lego creations and stores. There are also Lego hotels. I want to know how many Lego pieces they used  to build everything.