Here’s What Kindness Is To Me

I feel good when I am treated with kindness.  Kindness can be when you stick up for someone that is being picked on. Kindness can be giving someone a gift. When I was having a bad day, someone asked me to play and it made me feel good.

10 thoughts on “Here’s What Kindness Is To Me”

  1. It’s does feel amazing to be treated with kindness. It is also ok if sometimes you aren’t kind but you always try to be as nice as you can be.

  2. Hey Paul!! I hope you are staying healthy and having fun learning from home. I sure miss trying to steal your Oreos!! Stay cool, buddy, see you soon!

  3. Hi Paul,
    You really did a wonderful job describing kindness. You can express kindness through art. You do that all of the time through the wonderful Snoopy characters you draw. I miss seeing you! I hope you are doing a lot of drawing! Send me some if you have a chance. I would love to post them to the online art gallery. Your pictures really do make me smile!
    🙂 Mrs. Nardone

  4. Hi Paul,
    I love your thoughts on kindness. Kindness can also be expressed through art. Your pictures make people happy and that is kind. I miss seeing all of your Snoopy drawings! Send me some if you have a chance.
    🙂 Mrs. Nardone

  5. Hi Paul, I really like your kindness comments! You can also be kind in PE by taking turns or offering your equipment to someone else. I hope you are being kind for me by practicing your rap song so that when we get back we can practice together!! I have our outfits all planned! I miss seeing you in PE class, I hope you are outside riding your bike or just playing in the yard!! Take care, Mrs. Yeaton

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